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Lydia Dagostino is LAPG Criminal Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year 2019. She is described as “entirely unsung and quite exceptional."

Director: Lydia Dagostino
Solicitors Advocates: Hollie Collinge & Jenna Dolan
Trainee Solicitors: Jane Cleasby & Kate Hallam
Practice Manager: Jill Pateman

Lydia Dagostino qualified in 1995 after training at a well known London firm. She practised for 7 years in London, including at a leading London civil liberties practice, before moving to Brighton.

Lydia Dagostino appeared in the film Taking Liberties and is regularly interviewed by The Guardian and other media.

Hollie Collinge qualified as a solicitor in 2006. In 2010 she obtained Higher Rights of Audience, and since then has litigated and conducted numerous Crown Court trials; some of which have involved serious allegations. Hollie has extensive experience working in criminal legal practice and defending at the Police Station, the Youth Court, the Magistrates Court and in the Crown Court.

Jenna Dolan qualified as a solicitor at a London and Thames Valley firm in 2010, specialising in criminal defence. She gained her Higher Rights of Audience in 2015 and has defended on cases ranging from shoplifting in the Police Station to serious violence and sexual offences in the Crown Court.

Jill Pateman has worked with Kellys since 1994, before taking on the role of practice manager in 2003.

Lydia Dagostino, Hollie Collinge and Jenna Dolan are all members of the Duty Solicitor Scheme. They are also Higher Rights Advocates.

Consultant: Teresa Blades