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Protest Cases and Activism

Protest Cases and Activism

Lydia Dagostino and Teresa Blades have extensive experience dating back over a number of years in public order and protest-related work.

Both have defended numerous anti-war and arms trade campaigners, animal rights activists, environmentalists, squatters, student activists and anti-fascist protestors.

Lydia Dagostino and Teresa Blades acted for all defendants in a high profile criminal conspiracy. The nine defendants were accused of causing thousands of pounds worth of criminal damage at an arms manufacturers, during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

The defendants were found "not guilty", after successfully arguing that they had legal justification for their actions.

In 2013/2014, we acted for dozens of people arrested at the Anti-Fracking protests in Balcombe. The majority of those arrested were acquitted or had their cases discontinued, including Caroline Lucas MP.